Provisional/pencil reservations: If after seven days, the full deposit and function confirmation have not been received then the space will be available to other enquiries. We reserve the right to release a reservation if, after reasonable attempts, we are unable to contact the client.

Confirmation: A reservation is deemed to be confirmed when the deposit has been paid, the completed function form or email acknowledgement has been received.

Final Confirmation of the reservation- All arrangements including menus, beverages, time of arrival and any additional requirements must be finalised no less than five days before the event.


Deposits may be forfited if cancellation is made within one month of the date of the event. If the date is relet the deposit will be refunded.

Room hire

Room hire: In most cases there is no room hire charge.

Minimum spend : we usually don't make a minimum spend requirement. Please enquire: info@thetwistedhoppub.co.nz

Food & beverage

Catering: All catering requirements must be confirmed no later than five days prior to the event. If the number of guests attending the function decreases from the confirmed number, the full catering amount will still be charged. If the number of guests or catering requirements increase, additional food may be ordered on the night but availability cannot be guaranteed

For special occassions a celebration cake may be brought in on request. There will be a cakeage charge of $20 for this arrangement.

Finishing times: this is determined by our liquor license which is until 11pm. A further 30 minutes drinking up time is permitted and then all members of the public have to leave the premises.

Application for an extension can be made, providing the district licensing committee receive 20 days working notice. There is a fee which is currently $63.25. For more information: http://ccc.govt.nz/consents-and-licences/business-licences-and-consents/alcohol/alcohol-licences/special-licence-for-events/


Under age guests:

Ground floor bar/restaurant area is designated: supervised. In accordance with the current liquor licensing laws, minors (individuals under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Another adult will not suffice as a guardian (i.e. teacher, coach, boss, older sibling).

The mezzanine is designated: unsupervised. As such, minors are allowed to be present providing they are supervised by a responsible adult who is not their guardian.

Proof of Age: Upon request all guests are required to provide acceptable photo identification. Acceptable forms of ID are NZ photographic drivers licence, NZ Passport, Overseas Passport or HANZ 18 card.

Intoxicated Guests: Any guest thought to be unduly intoxicated or behaving in a disorderly manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The Twisted Hop management reserve the right to terminate a function or refuse service to any guests that appear to be intoxicated.

Damage: Clients must assume full responsibility for their guests and any damage that may occur to pub property as a result of the function and will therefore be held liable


Loss of Property / Belonging: The staff and management of The Twisted Hop will always endeavour to ensure that a guests property and belongings are protected. However, we offer no guarantee of this and will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property left at the venue prior to, during or after the function.

Decorations / displays: We do not permit any decorations and or displays to be fixed to any surface of the building without prior approval from management. No rice, confetti or metallic cut-outs of any kind may be used.